Heather Quinn

Heather Quinn received a B.A. degree in mathematics and physics from Knox College in 1992 and M.S. and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Northeastern in 2000 and 2004, respectively.  She has worked at Los Alamos National Laboratory since 2004, where she was a post-doctoral fellow until 2006 and a member of the technical staff since then.  Her research has focused on software/hardware co-design issues with integrating FPGAs into traditional computation systems, fault-tolerant space-based FPGA computation, radiation effects in microprocessors, and radiation testing of next-generation electronics.  She has authored or coauthored over 70 book chapters, journal papers and conference papers. She has authored works that have received awards at the conferences Autotestcon 2008, NSREC 2012, NSREC 2013. She is a senior member of the IEEE.  Dr. Quinn is an associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science.