On Exploiting the Synergy Between Reliability and Security

Building trusted computing systems requires that the system is both reliable (protected against naturally occurring failures) and secure (protected against adversarial access patterns). Both reliability and security often share the same fate in that everyone wants them but no one likes to pay for them. Therefore, the path forward for practical adoption of solutions for reliability and security is to develop ultra low-cost solutions. Over the last decade, there has been a wider understanding in the community on how to tackle the new reliability challenges (dealing with scaling faults, weaker bits, newer failure mode) and we have managed to develop low-cost and practical solutions for reliability. However, there is no equivalent understanding of security challenges and it has been much harder to develop low-cost secure solutions. In this talk, I will discuss how solutions for security and reliability can be co-designed to reduce the overall cost of making future systems resilient against both nature and bad actors.